What is SMSC?
At South Failsworth Primary we strive to create a learning environment which promotes respect, diversity and self awareness which equips you with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that you will need to succeed in your future life. Here is a breakdown of the four areas!

S=Spiritual Development
Spiritual development focuses on your own personal beliefs and values. Through spiritual development, you are able to understand your own feelings and emotions and this enables you to reflect and to learn. This is closely linked with your RE and SEAL lessons.

M = Moral Development
Moral development allows you to explore shared values and understand right from wrong. Think about the Secrets of Success in order to earn your mission merits, these are a celebration of your moral development, choosing your behaviour!

S = Social Development
Social development allows you to gain interpersonal skills, work effectively with others and use the key skills communication and working with others. Think about the mission merits and how we work together to become a positive team member.

C = Cultural Development
Cultural development allows you to understand your own culture and your own heritage alongside respecting other people’s cultures, opinions and beliefs. Think about our links with St.Hilda’s, faith visits and our charity work with the local and wider community (harvest festival for The Food Bank, children in need etc).

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