Anxiety & Resilience - Supporting My Child With Anxiety

A three-session online course for parents funded by Oldham Opportunity Area to support parents.
Option 1: 1st, 8th and 15th February 2022 - Tuesday's | 6 - 7pm
Option 2: 4th, 11th and 18th May 2022 - Friday's | 10 - 11am
Children and young people will feel anxious and worried from time to time. Anxiety is a normal or usual response to uncertainty. The way we respond as parents, and deal with our own anxiety plays a significant part in building our children's capacity to develop resilience.
Covid has certainly generated lots of uncertainty and changed the way we go about our everyday lives. You may be more worried than you might usually be as you think about the impact on you and your family. Perhaps you are in the midst of a growing cycle of worry and concern that you'd like to unravel. You are not on your own.
It is possible to use this experience to learn how best to help children not only understand why human beings experience anxiety, but also to help them, and you, develop strategies that will really help in a practical way.
Join Bounce Forward for a series of three 60-minute webinars to explore anxiety. The sessions will provide a space to think about your own responses and provide some practical tips and advice that you can use at home to help your children develop their resilience to anxiety.

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These resources have been created by 'the contented child'.

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