Health & Wellbeing for all

At South Failsworth Primary School we consider the development of our children's mental health and wellbeing to be as important as we do their physical health. Therefore, we promote its importance within our PSHE/RSE curriculum, through the wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities which we provide and through the additional support we offer our children and their families. Please click here to view a detailed overview of our universal mental health and wellbeing offer. 



Talking to the children about mental health is a good way to get them to understand their feelings, give them coping strategies and support them to improve their own mental health. You can find hints and tips about talking to your child in this leaflet.


Anxiety in School Aged Children

Click on the links for advice and guidance on how to help your child with their anxiety:


Click on this picture to find out more about social media and the impact on mental health.


Please see the picture below for details of various support groups.



Click on the link to read a 7 minute briefing about loneliness.

If you are concerned about your child’s or your own mental health or wellbeing then you can speak to a member of our school team.


Mrs Jacelyn Tapper - Pastoral Lead and Mental Health First Aider

Mrs Alison Murray – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Michelle Butler – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Adult Mental Health First Aider

Mrs Vicki Foy - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Emma Gorton - SENDCo