Phonics and Spelling Implementation

There is a dedicated phonics leader for the school who oversees that there is a systematic, synthetic approach to the delivery of phonics throughout Foundation and Key Stage 1 based on the principles of Letters & Sounds. Active and engaging sessions are planned with a clear lesson structure including clear modelling, practice and application opportunities which include opportunities for including the spelling elements for Year 1 and Year 2. Sessions are planned to meet the needs of all learners in the different groups and formative and summative assessments ensure that children are tracked and regrouped if necessary with interventions put in place to enable children to catch up/close the gap.

In Key Stage 2, children work on age related spellings and patterns in class. The main teaching sequence for spellings is revise, teach, practise, apply, assess. Teachers use a range of strategies to teach spellings and spelling rules e.g. look, say, cover, write, check; mnemonics; rainbow writing; pyramid words; drawing an image around the word; using colours for patterns/words within words/tricky parts of the word etc. Spellings which are based on the child’s ability are sent home to learn (and can be practised using any of the games introduced on our interactive Spelling Shed). Individual log-ins for Spelling Shed also allows the children to practise spellings at home through a range of exciting games.

Progression in the teaching of spelling at South Failsworth

Click here for Year 1 - 6 long term plans for spelling.


Please click on the link below to access our spelling medium term plans:

Year 1 - Year 6 spelling progression

Individual year group plans can be viewed on the year group pages.