Reception Class Teachers: Mrs Barker & Miss Kenyon

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blair, Mrs Hall, Mrs Cronshaw

Nursery Class Teacher: Mrs Kempson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Foran, Miss Povah

EYFS Learning Support Assistants: Miss McHugh, Miss Edgar, Mrs Wakefield, Miss Baron, Mrs McNeish


Welcome to our Foundation Unit!

The children will be learning about a variety of exciting topics this year including: animals, pirates, the seaside and traditional tales with a twist. In addition, the children will have the opportunity to lead their own learning and they will choose a further two topics.  We have chosen topics and planned a curriculum which we hope will spark the children’s curiosity and ignite their love of learning!

Important information:

  • We operate an ‘open door’ policy to allow for any questions regarding your child’s learning, well-being and development. Therefore, please feel free to share any information with your child’s key worker-however trivial it may seem!  We recognise that nobody knows your child as well as you do and we value all of your contributions. 
  • We use a secure online platform called ‘Tapestry’ to create online learning journeys for every child in Foundation. Tapestry enables you to follow your child’s individual progress closely; whilst allowing you and your child to reflect upon their achievements by sharing these observations with them. Please feel free to leave a comment on the observations.  Likewise, we would love you to add your own observations so that we can discover the learning and exploration that your child embarks on at home too.
  • Phonics is a crucial part of your child’s learning in Foundation and each Friday you will receive a letter to inform you of what your child has been learning about during their phonics sessions that week. There are also lots of fun and engaging phonics games that you can play for free at phonicsplay.co.uk.
  • Once your child receives an individual reading book, please ensure this book, along with your child’s reading comments book is in school every day. We will listen to your child read at least once a week and we will write a comment to inform you of their progress. Please use the reading comments book to inform us of how your child is progressing with their reading at home.
  • We would love your child to enjoy as many books as possible during their time in Foundation. We strongly recommend becoming a member of Failsworth library and there are also many books for you and your child to enjoy online at http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/.
  • Each class has a ‘Class Meerkat’ which will be sent home with one child every Friday. Each Meerkat comes with a little diary. We would love you to use this to add some pictures about the adventures that your child and the Meerkat have enjoyed during the stay at your house. Please return the Meerkat to school before the following Wednesday to enable us to share your child’s ‘Meerkat News’ with the class before sending it home with the next child. 
  • Reception children have a ‘Star of the Week’ assembly on a Friday afternoon. One child from each class will be awarded with a trophy to recognise and celebrate an incredible achievement within their learning. Please return the trophy to school before the following Wednesday to enable us to send it home with another child on the Friday. When the children are used to being part of an assembly, they will join in with the KS1 assembly on a Friday morning, and you will be invited to attend. We will keep you informed regarding this.

We hope your child has a wonderful time in Foundation!

Thank you in advance for your support.

The Foundation Team