Behaviour for Learning

Our children are taught to be READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE.

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At South Failsworth, we expect and encourage good behaviour and self-discipline from all pupils in order to achieve an environment which enables emotional development, effective learning and high standards. We are restorative in our approach, using a range of methods and strategies in order to maintain positive relationships and we achieve this through visible consistency which is tightened through three simplified core rules: Ready Respectful Safe

These are referred to and used regularly by all adults working in school. Our aim is to provide an inclusive, calm, quiet atmosphere in the school and to encourage children to move around in a controlled manner. Within school, positive behaviour is the collective responsibility of every member of staff and this extends beyond the individual classroom, to cover every child and every area of the school and playground.

Ready - this includes children learning to get themselves ready for the school day with everything they need such as book bag, reading book and lunch boxes, as well as getting to school on time. It also means they are ready to learn in and out of class, and ready to follow adult's instructions such as stopping when whistles are blown or the hands up signal is given.

Respectful - children are expected to listen to others, but also to be listened to by others, all while speaking with appropriate language and tone. They learn to build positive relationships with everyone in our South Failsworth family, and respect and tolerate everyone’s individual differences and beliefs. They also are expected to be respectful to our school and local environment.

Safe - children are taught to use all equipment safely and to move around school, including outdoor areas, in a safe way. They understand how to report any problems to adults and understand the importance of keeping their hands and feet to themselves. They also learn how to be safe when using internet and electronic equipment both inside and outside of school.

We discuss with our children what the words mean, how they can use these words to help them in school and what their behaviour may look like when they are ready, respectful and safe.

We have a school wide focus on learning behaviours which we call our 'Steps to Success.' We want our children to be successful and reflective learners with positive attitudes to learning.

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