Forest School

Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a newly developed woodland area adjacent to school.

Forest School is a specialised learning approach that sits within and compliments the wider context of outdoor and woodland education. It builds on social, emotional, practical and physical skills. It is child led learning that provides a real experience. It allows them to take risks in a managed setting which in turns improves learning across all areas.

‘This is the best kind of classroom,
It's a journey through time and space,
From the smallest seed to the largest tree,
This is a forest and a learning place.

This is the best kind of classroom ,
Where seasons don't happen in books.
Where the learning is watching and thinking and talking
And everyone notices, everyone looks.’

From 'The Best Kind of Classroom' by Ian MacMillan

The ethos is shared by thousands of trained practitioners across the UK and beyond including here at South Failsworth. Its roots reach back to early years pioneers in outdoor learning and across the sea to Scandinavia.

‘As soon as we get in the car, Cole tells me all about forest school; every time he spots a bird’s nest or little creatures like spiders and ladybirds.’

‘My child has become more confident around groups of people, he asks more questions and enjoys telling people what he has been doing.’

‘My child’s confidence has soared thanks to Forest School. She didn’t like any type of creepy-crawlies before but now seems to be much more inquisitive and confident. She says she has enjoyed working in a group with her friends and helping them to understand the instructions.’

‘Her favourite time was a biscuit and hot chocolate after a very long Gruffalo hunt!’