Dino School

What is Dinosaur School?

Dinosaur School is a social skills and problem solving programme which is delivered to Reception aged children in our school.  It is designed to teach children social skills, anger and conflict management and appropriate behaviour for school.  Its aim is to support children’s social and emotional well-being and competence.

Dinosaur School it taught through the use of puppets, games and discussion in a circle time setting.  Each weekly session has a learning focus which is shared with parents through weekly homework.

There are 4 main puppets that are used throughout the year to facilitate the learning theme.

These are: 

  • Dina Dinosaur: she is the Head teacher and helps to guide the children through their learning.
  • Wally: he is good at problem solving but sometimes can be impulsive and get into trouble at home and school.
  • Molly: she is well mannered and thoughtful but sometimes she falls out with Wally.
  • Tiny Turtle: is quiet and shy. He teaches the children about calming down techniques.
  • Wally and Molly help the children to make good choices, develop good friendships and to follow the give me five rules.

The Give Me Five Rules are: think first, eyes on teacher, listening ears, quiet hand up and working hard.