Here at South Failsworth Primary School we believe that Personal, Social and Health Education is a vital part of the curriculum. We provide a curriculum that focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep children safe, healthy and prepare them for life. In an ever changing world, it is important that the children are aware, to an appropriate level, of different elements that will affect their world and the people in it. They need to learn how to deal with theses and that they have good physical and mental health .PSHE plays an important role in promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Education, incorporating British Values, which is implicit in the school ethos and is planned into all aspects of the curriculum.

We have a successful School Council that provides our young children with a forum to debate and discuss their opinions and thoughts, it gives them a sense of responsibility and pride within their school. It allows our children to have a voice that is proactive in providing change, implementing initiative such as theme days and making decisions on certain fundraising ideas.


PSHE is taught using the Coram Life Education SCARF (Safety, Caring, Resilience, Relationships and Friendships) programme of study, in addition a number of objectives are also covered across the RE, ICT and Science curriculum.  


At South Failsworth we have a bespoke curriculum driven by our mission statement ‘Inspiring and creating lifelong learners’ where we promote linking curriculum subjects through an overarching curriculum theme of ‘Our World’.  Long term plans are in place for each year group linking whole school themes, topics and curriculum areas together including drivers and curriculum enhancers. Where there are opportunities for meaningful PSHE links to be made across the curriculum, these are explored e.g. homelessness is explored through the theme of world heroes: ‘Dr Banardo’ and prejudice and racism are explored through a world events topic – ‘Nelson Mandela’s release.’

SCARF provides a whole school approach to building the essential foundations which are crucial to children achieving their best both academically and socially. PSHE is taught through circle times, assemblies and whole class lessons. We provide our children opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities, promoting healthy, active lifestyles and valuing differences within the community.

The SCARF programme is split into three core themes of:

Health and Wellbeing
Living in the wider world  

Children are taught their PSHE lessons on a weekly basis, following the half termly units set out by SCARF. Themes covered are:

  • Me and My relationships
  • Valuing Differences
  • Keeping myself safe
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Being my best
  • Growing and changing
  • PSHE in the Early Years Foundation Stage - click on the link below

Click on the following links to find out more about each theme in Years 1 - 6:

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 You can view our long term plan for PSHE and RSE here.

PSHE 77 word project


Our children will be able to demonstrate, explain and understand what it means to be healthy, active and responsible citizens who recognise and value differences in the community and the world around us. Our school values and PSHE curriculum promote being the best you can be, focusing on well-being, mental health and happiness, so that our children can excel in all areas of their lives, in school and beyond. Throughout our curriculum we believe that we are ultimately preparing our children for the next stages in their PSHE education and the wider world.